Confrontation, It’s Important.

I think our problem, is that people associate confrontation as something aggressive and negative but if people learned how to confront people the right away and people were opened to hearing someone else’s perspective on the situation the world would be a much better place.

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Why I Chose To Fast This Year:

I have never fasted in my life. I think mostly because I thought that fasting was pointless without actually diving into the word, and praying too. Well this year after reading my Bible I was convicted by the Holy Spirit and realized that I really did need to change my thinking and do something I’ve never done before in order to see changes in my life.

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Equipped By Faith

Every Wednesday of every month, I get to come together with my friends for an incredible bible study where a woman of faith shares her testimony or journey with the Lord.

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Why the Delay?

I know every one of us has some prayer request that we want answered. Some are bigger than others, and the bigger requests in our minds may require a miracle.

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Finding The One

So I am single guys… not that that was a real shocker or anything. I know, I am only 22 but growing up I thought I would be married by now! haha Mexican problems!

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Reap the Rewards: 2017

I can’t believe all that happened in 2015. However, all that happened prepared me for this amazing year. If you read it you know 2015 was one of..

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Be Love

So I have been wanting to write this post for the longest now but didn’t feel prepared enough to write about such a simple yet very complicated topic..

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A Perfect Plan

Wow.. I cannot believe it’s 2016. I feel like it went by so quick, yet so many things happened this year. For me 2015 was probably one of the hardest, most painful years of my life.

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Unconditional Love

I think we have all been betrayed at some point, whether we like to admit it or not, and the betrayal that hurts the most is usually done by someone that we loved and trusted very much.

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