22nd Birthday Lunch With The Baes

So I turned 22 guys.  It’s crazy to think how far I’ve come from last year. Seriously, it’s really amazing, but  first and foremost I know it’s because God has given me the favor to do everything that I am good at. I am so thankful for another year where I can share my passions with you guys. Also, thank you for all the birthday wishes! I felt so special with all the kind words you guys shared with me.

 I am most of all blessed with great friendships and bonds that I know will last a lifetime. So thank you to all my girlfriends that came out for my birthday lunch.

This year I decided to have my birthday lunch with my girls at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen. I have been wanting to come here for THE LONGEST time, ever since I saw the chef Lisa Garza on the Food Network Star when I was like fourteen years old. I remember thinking to myself, when I do become a chef I would be like her. Her hair was a perfect bob, her makeup was always on point, and most of all she cooked and cute outfits and heels. Haha So yes, she was my cooking soul sista.

Now of course, I took the day off from work to celebrate my special day.. and mimosas were involved 🙂

The food was quite amazing. I know many of my friends got the chicken and waffles that the so highly raved about. Also, the eggs benedict with crab apparently was yummy too.

I did want to make everything a little more special and I made all my friends little hand lettering name tags. Thank you to my awesome co-worker Hector Berlanga for coming through and making them for me. Everyone loved them! P.S He makes personalized prints and tags for any occasion. Its the perfect sweet touch to a party.

So I did have a hard time choosing between all these amazing dishes but I did end up getting the two-piece chicken with mashes potatoes and omg guys it was so good. I want to go back now!

Now a party is not a party without some dessert involved, so as a party favor I got my friends Berry Naked Pops. The two flavors I got were coconut water and fruit ( because I wanted to be “healthy”, even after the fried chicken lol) and cookies n creme which is my all time favorite ice cream flavor.

We were all SO OBSESSED with them, so much so that some of us ate two. haha won’t mention any names..

So yes I did have a great birthday thanks to all my amazing peeps! It has been a great month thus far and now cant wait for you guys to see my actual birthday party! I wasn’t lying when I said I celebrate the whole month! Ha!

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