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I think its always a little exciting to see what kind of products other girls use (well at least it is to me). There is just millions and millions of beauty products to choose from, and lets be honest 60% of those purchases end up being a total waste of money. So I definitely want to share my beauty essentials that I pretty much can’t live without in hope that you narrow some of the beauty product debunks.

So lets go ahead and start, my #1 product that I feel totally lost and gross without has got to be my St.Ives Apricot Scrub. I’ve used tons of facial cleansers over the years, but personally this has got to be my favorite one because I always feel so clean afterwards.

I have actually even used the other St.Ives scrubs but none work quite like this one, I guess that’s why it’s Allure Readers Choice.  I also tend to find that when I stop using it (Sometimes life gets busy and you can’t repurchase) I breakout so easily! Then one day I actually read the fine print and realized that it prevents blemishes, and minimizes pores because of its oil-free salicylic acne medication. YAS. The only kind of sad thing is that it’s not good to exfoliate your face everyday, so I just try to exfoliate when I’m taking off my makeup at night and barely using any in the mornings.

Quick Story: I actually stopped using it for awhile because my best friend told me that the tiny beads that are in the scrub are made out of plastic. So she said that all the little beads end up in lakes and then the fish think it’s food. So of course, they are going to eat them, and this causes great damage to them. So I stopped using it because I like to think I am a nice person. BUT THEN I broke out so disgustingly so I was like heck no.  Then I started using it again!..I feel bad but no real studies have proven that the fish die from the beads.. so until then.

Next up, is my coconut oil. I know there’s jokes about coconut oil being miraculous and the many wonders that it does, but I honestly only use it for two main reasons. One, is to take off my heavy duty waterproof mascara and two, for oil pulling.

No makeup remover in the world takes off my waterproof mascara like coconut oil does. On top of that, the excess oil that stays behind after cleaning my lashes actually helps my lashes to grow. So its a win win situation. Now oil pulling has many benefits as I’m sure you all know, some including whiter teeth, healthier gums, headache reliever, energy booster.. etc. Pretty much all you do is put a tablespoon of this oil in your mouth and swish it around like mouth wash for about 15-20 minutes. After this experience, (that makes me gag sometimes) you spit it out. People claim that after 3 days your teeth get noticeably whiter, honestly mine are already kind of white so I never notice, but I just think it’s a good health habit to have.

Everyone that has known me for the past 2 years knows I cut my own hair in a time of serious desperation. LOL My hair was just so dry that I couldn’t stand myself and I accidently cut it too short. Biggest tragedy OF MY LIFE. So after realizing what a mistake I had done and that my clip in extensions weren’t doing the trick I asked my friends what was the best way to help hair grow. One of my friends told me she used Biotin, so I went to purchase it the next day. I usually get the one with the 10,000 MCG, but you can always start with a lesser dose. These magic pills have helped my hair grow so much. Obviously, I’ve cut it a few times after that incident, but these pills are life savers. When I had my blonde hair I could see my roots after retouching within the week.. crazy right?

  When purchasing Biotin make sure you get the soft gel kind which are organic. They are made out of digestable gelatin which makes them easier to dissolve in the stomach therefore, working faster than regular tablets.

Now no matter how perfect one may be, we ALL get a little breakout at some point. Some people tend to pop it or just leave it, but in either case this acne spot treatment is my Holy Grail. Every time I breakout from “accidently” popping a pimple I put this gel on it and within a few days it manages to erase that horrid dark blemish from my skin. Then in those rare times where I have will power I actually just let the pimple be and put this treatment on it, and boom in like 2 days its completely gone.

Contrary to unpopular belief deodorant is not optional LOL unless you are a freak of nature and don’t sweat, or have gotten botox under your armpits. Anyway, my favorite is Double Defense, 24 hour protection, Antiperspirant Roll on by Lady Speed Stick. It’s so cheap and since it’s a roll on version it appears clear, so no worrying about it staining your clothes 😉

Here are a few other must-haves for me.

If you read my previous beauty post about my facial with Natura Bisse then you know how much love my stabilizing toner. Its been 4 months already and when I lift it to spray it on my face I can tell there is TONS of product left still in it. So this purchase was definitely worth every penny. It’s also good for everyone to have a toner in their daily regimen, it helps to restore the balance of PH levels in your skin, which are disturbed by cleansing. It also shrinks pores, because it removes excess oil that may be clogging up the pores. As well as refreshes skin and moisturizes.

Recently, I have been taking a medicine that makes me skin so dry! I used everything even medicated creams to try to relieve my skin and nothing worked. That is until I used Eucerins Intesive repair lotion it’s…. well intensive. You will never see a dry patch in your skin with this lotion!!

Last but not least, is my Oral B Complete Action Power toothbrush. People seriously ask me why my teeth are so white and I think this might be the reason as to why. I think you get an easier and deeper cleanse than using just a regular toothbrush, that’s only going one direction. I also use Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, I have used many toothpastes but this one will whiten your teeth and keep them cleaner than any other toothpaste I’ve tried.

Hopefully this was informative and this sneak peak into my beauty regimen will give you some insight on some awesome products! 🙂

Leaves comments if you have any questions about any of the products.


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