Month: December 2017

Water Grill Freshness

Now to the food. Camille and I actually went with the Water Grill staff to pick up our own fresh seafood from the airport! Yup, we picked it up and ate it that same day! Shipments arrive from California at least 5 times a week, which means you really are getting the best and freshest seafood at Water Grill at all times.  It was so fun to see how the cargo comes in, and how everything is alive in boxes before it gets to Water Grill.

Look By Clayton In San Miguel

I was gifted the cutest top by Clayton that you can found at Revolve and Nordstrom and knew this was the perfect top for San Miguel

#MiKroger Holiday Recipe

I must say, she did a freaking amazing job cause these veggies were so delicious. The avocado tomatillo salsa verde sauce it was made these carrots and brussels sprouts so different, it was tangy a little spicy and just that perfect latin twist you would need for a holiday potluck


Kim K Inspired Look

I know I am not the only one that is living for Kim K’s new platinum blonde look lately right? As many of you know, I LOVE being blonde, and at some point in my life I really did have platinum hair. Which honestly, damaged my hair so bad,

New Website

Wow, has it been 3 years since I started my blog? I never thought I would be here blogging full time. I also never thought it was so much work. I used to think it was all just fun and games, until I actually had to live off of blogging. I must say, there are many downsides to doing what I do, but there are also so many great things.

Black Optical

Words cannot describe how full my heart was on Nov 8th when I hosted my first event with Black Optical. I was supported by my local Dallas bloggers and friends and I was so thankful that they all came to not only support me but also Black Optical.