Month: October 2017

Jamba Smoothie Bowl Party!

A few days ago I was given the honor of hosting my very own Jamba Juice Smoothie Bowl Bar Party with my friends! What is a smoothie bowl bar party, you may ask?

State Fair of Texas Food

I’m really not going to say anything besides that I ate a lot and here are the pictures to prove it! Also, I am here to tell you what was worth it and what was NOT! So get ready to make that last trip to the Fair this week! Fair ends Oct. 22nd! 🙂

#Staycation in Dallas

It has been said that staycations are the best kind of vacations. Which I think in this case, was not true. Although I did have a blast, it was more of a workcation because we

Get Those Curves

Working out is not for everyone however, this environment made it so easy to get your workout in for the day without feeling conscious about everyone around you. By enrolling in the Cu