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San Miguel was my first travel destination as a blogger.

There is no place like San Miguel


San Miguel is the most magical place I’ve been to and I have said this before. It is also one of the very first places I “traveled” to when I first became a blogger. I have visited several times ever since and here are my MUST places to visit!


  • Tourism: Get on the tour trolley! It leaves from the church in town and honestly this is the best way to get to know all of San Miguel. My uncle and I had so much fun riding around town while finding out so much history about San Miguel! They also take you to the very top of San Miguel so you can see the beauty of this little town.
  • Tourism: Escondido Place: Although, I wasn’t able to visit last time around, Escondido Place are natural spring water pools that are gorgeous. I would take a whole afternoon to spend the day here. It is so relaxing. For pictures on this beautiful spot click here.
  • Breakfast/Brunch: Go to Lavanda Cafe, that is where I had those cute teddy bear lattes, and their yummy food is a perfect way to start the day over a good conversation. The breakfast options are pretty light so don’t recommend if you are trying to indulge in a full on meal.
  • Breakfast/Dinner: Mamma Mia is a great restaurant that has the best of both worlds. You can have an amazing buffet brunch on the weekends and great italian food for dinner. The view at this place is freaking bomb and I would totally come here for either.
  • Drinks: Casa No Name: This is the beautiful spot I stop by for pictures, it is super low key and not a lot of people know about it. However, ask for the Casa No Name Hotel and once you’ve arrived open the glass door, and head upstairs to the bar. It is honestly the prettiest place in San Miguel in my opinion.
  • Snacks/Drinks: You cant go to San Miguel and not go to the Rosewood Hotel. Even though you may not stay there unless you’re a millionaire, going to their rooftop is the most absolutely perfect place to watch the sunset. We ended up getting a light dinner there. Totally try their churros (super fancy), pulpo gallejo, and cafe de olla!
  • Snack: Eat from the street vendors, they have such yummy fruit cocktails and drinks that you can take while you walk around San Miguel
  • Dessert: Make sure you check out Cafe San Agustin. You must have some churros and hot chocolate. Its tradition!

These are my absolutely fav places in San Miguel, and if you do these you will have a great time there! Can’t wait for you guys to visit. My uncle does have a house there and he rents it out as an airbnb so if you have questions about that feel free to email me at



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