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This week I went to Walmart to purchase these new items to test them out

I was surprised to see how creamy it was!


“I tried the lip treatment and it has been L-I-F-E!.”

We all have dry skin in the winter honestly, but the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost Products have you covered!

This week I went to Walmart to purchase these new items to test them out to see if they really were hydrating since my skin has been incredibly dry. Seriously, my forehead looks like the dessert.

I tried the Hydrating Tint first and I loved the applicator it came in. It was so easy to put on the foundation on my skin and it also blended wonderfully. Then I put on the concealer, and I was surprised to see how creamy it was. It has a hydrating center that helps moisturize the skin but it also cover the eye bags perfectly. I also love that you can build upon it for a more full coverage. Next up I tried the lip treatment and it has been L-I-F-E!! My lips were so dry for dehydration and ever since I put that on every night my lips has been super soft! Of course, if you are a more color lip kinda girl you can totally use the lip shine that comes in 5 different shades!

 I went ahead and created a 1 min foundation routine with these products that you can watch below. Enjoy!


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