Summer Roses X Lasula

Jun 8, 2017 | Fashion Looks

It’s almost summer time guys! There is nothing I love more than shorts, heels and a fun top! We all know the rose trend is amongst us, and even though I am not the biggest fan, but I saw this topΒ from LasulaΒ and wanted it so bad! Mostly because its sheer and you guys know I love sheer things. It brings out the ultimate edginess in me but the flowers I think give it a romantic vibe and softens the look.




I have been trying to find shorts for the longest time ever now. Some that aren’t super short and that still look cool and not overly baggy! If you are looking for the same thing these shorts are TOTALLY for you!! They are amazing!! They are comfy, and you can actually breathe in these shorts! I love the distressed feeling on them and also the little studs that make them unique. These can go great with any top honestly and they are $30!! Ugh so freaking affordable. I want them in white now! LOL


Totally loving these pieces, can’t wait to show you the rest of my Lasula pieces!


I was born in Mexico City but raised in Dallas, Texas. I love mixing my two cultures and expressing that in my blog. I have a huge passion for fashion, cooking and beauty. I am super outgoing and love to connect with new faces.

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