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Words cannot describe how full my heart was on Nov 8th when I hosted my first event with Black Optical. I was supported by my local Dallas bloggers and friends and I was so thankful that they all came to not only support me but also Black Optical.

“I commit myself to that brand and try to gain them the most exposure possible with my brand”


To be honest hosting events scare me.  I know they are a lot of work and also  a big commitment to that business however, I think Black Optical and I were the perfect fit and both of our brands merged well together. 

As a blogger when I truly connect with a business there is no going back. I commit myself to that brand and try to gain them the most exposure possible with my brand. I mean at the end of the day, that is what a blogger does. 

So anyway, rewind to a few months ago I was contacted by Black Optical to come  and check out the store. I was very excited to see what it was all about and the more I learned about the brand and what they do the more I was so intrigued. A few weeks after that, I left to NYC and they were able to give me some amazing sunglasses to complete all my NY looks! Fast forward a few weeks after that, we decided to host a party so we could introduce other Dallas people to the business and we did JUST THAT. 

It was a huge success and I highly recommend them for any eyewear that you are needing. They seriously are the best eyewear store in Dallas no joke. These people know their stuff! 

Huge thank you to Rush Patisserie for these cute and amazing desserts that everyone loved. They are located in the Bishop Arts area and they make the most amazing desserts and pastries. Seriously must try especially for the holidays coming up!

Link for Rush:

Link for Black optical:


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