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Mar 12, 2017 | All Things Food

Mexican food has been done the same way for a very long time here in Dallas. My dad and I love pushing the envelope on what is possible for food and what we think is more modern or “Next Gen!” We hope to not just have a successful restaurant but create a new standard for Mexican Food by using locally sourced items, making everything 100% from scratch and making the dishes look like something you’d expect at a fine dining restaurant but giving it to the masses. – Julian Rodarte, Chef Owner

You know how ALL the Mexican restaurants around Dallas claim to have “REAL” Mexican food, and trust me none have made a lasting impression on me like this place here! Last Sunday I stopped by the new restaurant that Dallas foodies kept telling me to try in the popular neighborhood, Trinity Groves. I finally gave in and took my pal with me for a Sunday Funday and headed to see what all the fuss was all about. As soon as we got there we were greeted with several over the top margaritas, and if you don’t know me then let me tell you. Margaritas are my favorite drink. Let me just say that the most fun, innovative and best-tasting margaritas I have tried are here! Chef, Julian Rodarte, gives this drink a twist by adding little bubbles of passionfruit at the top of each margarita and it is just the next twist that this common drink needed to stand out above the rest of the food scene. (Drinks are featured in the video below). It’s like boba for your margarita! Can’t beat that!


Next up on the menu was the Carnitas Noodle Bowl that I literally stuffed my face with the next day. As a true Mexican I grew up eating fideo which means pan friend noodles that then turn into either a tomato based soup, or noodles without the broth. I had never seen fideo listed as an item in any other Mexican restaurant here in Dallas, so once again I was so excited to try it out.


As I talked to Chef Julian Rodarte about the recipes and how they came about he told us that “First a lot of our dishes are inspired by my fathers grandmother’s food in Durango Mexico. She used to fry pasta and cook it with whatever she had available on their farm so my dad decided to put a chef’s spin on her recipes and elevate them. For example rather than frying the pasta we dry roast it to be more health conscious and than top is with finer ingredients like the Wild Atlantic Salmon. One of the reasons we like to refer to it as Next Gen Mexican is not just because we are trying to create a newer more modern Mexican cuisine but because it is also so many generations of recipes from my great grandmother to my dad and now me.”

In all honestly I can say that these recipes really did reminded me of grandmas cooking back home.


Featured here are the Pastor Carnitas Enchiladas. I am usually not a fan of enchiladas but these got to me. lol First of all, Thank God that someone else in this Dallas food scene puts pineapples with their ‘PASTOR’. Why is that important?  Because that’s the way it should be, Pastor is a way of cooking meat, usually on a spit which also includes roasted pineapple. So when I get pastor tacos it’s mind boggling to me that pineapple is not added to them. So yes, I am thankful that someone else gets me and decided to make authentic Mexican food for once.


Featured: Tropical Salmon Noodle Bowl



The soul of the restaurant I feel comes from my families passion to host as many people as we can fit in our house and cook for them. I’m sure you know exactly how much fun and electric family gatherings are back home in Mexico where the food is cooking the music is playing and everyone is dancing! My families favorite thing to do on weekends was invite as many people as we could into our house, turn the music up, serve food and drinks and just enjoy people. That is how we view the restaurant. Our staff is our inviting family that is anxious to share our passion for food, drinks and music that makes you feel good and want to dance! 


Lets take a minute to look at this cinnamon covered Mexican dessert aka, churros. These churros were different than any other kind we have tried, and now we know why. Instead of frozen churros that most restaurants use, these are made from scratch! The cakey yummy texture of these churros was amazing, and lets not forget their caramel and strawberry dipping sauces.

Last but not least, THE FLAN. I am so not a fan of sweets, but if there is one dessert that I crave and wish I could make on the regular it would be flan. It reminded me of my childhood and how I would always ask my aunt to teach me how to make one, however, the process of a flan is quite time consuming and I am not the most patient person in the world. So when I do crave flan from now on, you’ll know where to find me.


So is this a restaurant you should take all your friends and family with on the regular? Absolutely!

Check out this video including their famous Liquid Nitrogen Margarita! Seriously it’s a must in Dallas!

Off to my next food adventure xoxo

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