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I Was Born In Mexico 02.10.1995
My Favorite Food Of All Time Is Sushi
I Have A Younger Brother
I Always Knew I Would Have My Own Business
I Wanted To Be A Chef Before Going To School For Marketing
I Am A Huge Foodie
I Want To Own A Coffee Shop One Day
I Love Being Extra


Neutrogena Hydroboost

NEUTROGENA HYDROBOOST    DANI RIOS Content Creator. Editor of This week I went to Walmart to purchase these new items to test them out     I was surprised to see how creamy it was! DANI RIOS   "I tried the lip treatment and it has been L-I-F-E!."   We...

Why I Chose To Fast This Year:

WHY I CHOSE TO FAST    DANI RIOS Content Creator. Editor of "I truly want this year to be the year I grow spiritually but also lead others as well."   I have never fasted in my life. I think mostly because I thought that fasting was pointless without...

New Year. Better Hair.

NEW YEAR BETTER HAIR   DANI RIOS Content Creator. Editor of Everyone at GG respect the hair world so much.     Global Group is an intimate and luxe experience DANI RIOS   "They love to educate the clients, which is exactly what Carlos did on my first...

Water Grill Freshness

WATER GRILL FRESHNESS   DANI RIOS Content Creator. Editor of There are many things which have influenced my passion for food over the years     We picked up our own seafood from the airport! DANI RIOS   "We ordered some handcrafted cocktails that were...

Look By Clayton In San Miguel

LOOK BY CLAYTON IN SAN MIGUEL   DANI RIOS Content Creator. Editor of Nothing makes me happier than a good aesthetically pleasing place, and a cute outfit.     San Miguel, is just the most magical town I've ever been in DANI RIOS   "In the last few...



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Beauty + Lifestyle Blog 

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