Optimism As A Lifestyle

This week has been a little different for me than any other week. One of the reasons was because a big earthquake happened in my hometown, Mexico City. Most of my family lives down there, so when my mom t


Calling All Margarita Lovers

By now you should know that my love for margaritas is on another level. I think it’s honestly the salty rim (if you get sugar rim you’re doing it wrong) that gets me every time. It’s the taste of acidity with that smooth tequila that I think just makes it my favorite drink ever. Also, they always look so cute, no matter where you get them.


Why the Delay?

I know every one of us has some prayer request that we want answered. Some are bigger than others, and the bigger requests in our minds may require a miracle.




I was born in Mexico City but raised in Dallas, Texas. I love mixing my two cultures and expressing that in my blog. I have a huge passion for fashion, cooking and beauty. I am super outgoing and love to connect with new faces.

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