Stay Fit for 2017

Last year around September I got my life together and decided to really get fit and get my health back. I have always been slim but I have never met my body goals. I always wanted to have abs and have muscle in my legs and arms but it was always hard to know what workouts to do.


Adore Me: One Stop Shop

I am so excited to reveal my collaboration with Adore Me! This company has seriously changed my life, from their super cute panty and bra sets, to their swimwear, sleepwear and now active wear?


Reap the Rewards: 2017

I can’t believe all that happened in 2015. However, all that happened prepared me for this amazing year. If you read it you know 2015 was one of..




I was born in Mexico City but raised in Dallas, Texas. I love mixing my two cultures and expressing that in my blog. I have a huge passion for fashion, cooking and beauty. I am super outgoing and love to connect with new faces.

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